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Charlotte Glen

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture Chatham County Center
Chatham County Office (919) 542-8202 (919) 542-8246 (Fax)
Unity ID:   cdglen

Job Description Responsible for educational programming for green industry and home gardening.

Website http://chatham.ces.ncsu.edu/

Street Address
P.O. Box 279
65 East Chatham St
Pittsboro NC   27312
Mail Address
P.O. Box 279
Pittsboro NC   27312

State Courier: 13-27-05

Recent Posts by Charlotte

Fall webworm nest in pecan tree.

What Is Making Webs In My Tree?

Have you noticed masses of webbing on the ends of tree branches in your yard or along the roadsides? They are the work of the fall webworm, a species of caterpillar native to MORE »

Basil plant infected with downy mildew

What Is Wrong With My Basil? popular

Do your basil plants look strange? Are leaves turning yellow or brown and do you see dark, fuzzy stuff growing on the backside? If so, your basil plants have basil downy mildew, a MORE »

Asian tiger mosquito

Battling Mosquitoes popular

If you think all those mosquitoes in your yard are flying in from some far away swamp, you may need to think again. The Asian tiger mosquito, our state’s worst mosquito species, lives MORE »


Extend Your Summer Garden Into Fall popular

Gardeners in the NC piedmont and coastal plain can extend their summer vegetable gardens into fall by making a second planting of quick maturing warm season crops between mid July and early August. MORE »

Red Russian Kale

How To Grow Kale From Seed

I may not be holding true to my southern roots to admit it, but I greatly prefer kale to collards. In fact, kale is my favorite cool season vegetable. And what’s not to MORE »

Wilted shrub.

Helping Your Yard Survive Drought

Spotty showers have brought much needed rain to some gardens in the Piedmont but not enough for most. Many areas are several inches below normal rainfall amounts for this time of year, leaving MORE »


Tomato Growing Primer

Soil temperatures have warmed to above 60 degrees in our region and a late frost is highly unlikely, which means it is time to plant tomatoes! Over the years, I have written more MORE » – from   Pender County Center

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