Fall Is for Planting!

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Trees and shrubs are an important part of our local ecosystem. They help mitigate climate change, provide food and habitat for birds and wildlife, clean our air and water, stabilize the soil, and bring beauty and cooling shade to landscapes.

Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs in the South. Review slides from a recent class, taught by Charlotte Glen, Chatham County Extension Horticulture Agent, to learn how to:

  •  Prepare your soil for planting
  •  Plant trees and shrubs the right way
  •  Care for newly planted trees and shrubs
  •  Select the right trees and shrubs for your yard
  •  Great trees and shrubs for Chatham County landscapes

Review the slides from this program (PDF files):

Part 1: Soil preparation, planting technique and care of newly planted trees and shrubs

Part 2: Selecting plants for your landscape and recommended trees and shrubs for the central NC Piedmont

November is Arbor Month in Chatham County – Celebrate by planting a tree!

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