Chatham County 4-H Embryology Program Featured on Radio Spot

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children playing with chicksFor the past couple of years, Chatham County 4-H has been able to partner with the nationally-acclaimed Livestock Conservancy to bring heritage breed birds into their annual 4-H Embryology Program. Students in local Chatham County classrooms are able to not only learn about the intricacies of the animal life cycle and enhance their science curriculum with a valuable hands-on experiential learning opportunity, but they are also afforded the ability to learn about – and care for – a variety of rare breed poultry in their communities. Through the support of the Livestock Conservancy, Chatham Co. 4-H, and the generous funding of the local United Way of Chatham County, this program has proved to provide valuable hands-on learning for numerous youth across the county.

Dr. Lise Jenkins stopped by to do a radio spot featuring Chatham County 4-H and the Livestock Conservancy’s efforts to bring a unique approach to this annual school enrichment program. Check out the radio spot, “Lose Your Job, Become Extinct.”

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