September Events With Chatham County 4-H

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Sept. 1 – Chatham County 4-H Livestock Show registration closes to non-4-H participants

Sept. 4 – Holiday (office CLOSED)

Sept. 5 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Cumberland County Lamb Show

Sept. 7 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Cumberland County Goat Show

Sept. 8 – Deadline to register for 4-H School Incentives program

Sept. 8 – Deadline to notify 4-H office of State Fair hay bale decorations

Sept. 8 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Cumberland County Heifer Show

Sept. 9 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Richmond County Goat Show

Sept. 13 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Lee County Goat Show

Sept. 14 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Lee County Heifer Show

Sept. 15 – NC State Fair entries due

Sept. 16 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Moore County Lamb, Goat, & Heifer Show

Sept. 22 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Union County Lamb Show

Sept. 23Chatham County 4-H Livestock Show (Chatham Co. Agriculture & Conference Center in Pittsboro)

Sept. 30 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Robeson County Goat Show

Sept. 30 – CIRCUIT SHOW:  Stanly County Lamb Show

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