Aquatic Weed Management Workshop Resources

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View slides from the workshop.

The NC Agricultural Chemicals Manual lists herbicides labeled for aquatic use and their relative efficacy for different weeds. Find the aquatic weeds portion of the handbook.

The NC State Department of Applied Ecology has a list of resources that I used for the workshop. including information about using triploid grass carp, as well as their useful weed management and Pond Management guides.

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The NC Extension Gardener Handbook is complete and available online for free, or a full-color, hardback book version is available from UNC Press.

Pond Weed Management Workshop

Pond weeds in high densities, both native and invasive, can interfere with recreational fishing and swimming, crop irrigation, and livestock management. Join Chatham County Horticulture Extension Agent Matt Jones for a free, two- hour lecture on management strategies of aquatic weeds in farm ponds. We will discuss how to identify different groups of aquatic plants and their control using both biological and herbicidal methods. Participants can receive two hours of NCDA&CS pesticide continuing education credits.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Chatham County Agriculture and Conference Center

1192 US-64 W Bus. – Pittsboro

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NCDA Pesticide Credits
2 A, D, N, & X

Registration and Fees
There is no fee for the class, but pre-registration is required.

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