Anticipated Seasonal Increase in Coyote Sightings

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coyote in field

Photo credit: Melissa McGaw/NCWRC

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Jodie B. Owen

During the months of October and November, North Carolinians can expect to see/hear coyotes with greater frequency based on past data collection from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

“Biologically this makes sense. In the fall we see young, ‘teenaged’ coyotes leaving their parents’ territory to find a mate and establish a territory of their own,” said Falyn Owens, Extension Wildlife Biologist with the Commission. “Early in their wanderings, young coyotes often travel with their siblings, and their characteristic yipping, howling and barking may be heard as they keep track of each other, and other coyotes whose territories they are passing through.”

That data are part of a larger dataset of human-wildlife interactions reported to the Commission through its Wildlife Interaction Hotline since early 2017. Reports range from positive wildlife experiences and sightings to complaints. The Commission uses this information to guide outreach and management efforts.

Please read the complete article located on the Commission website.

For more information about coyotes in North Carolina, visit the Wildlife Commission’s coyote page on its website, or call the Commission’s N.C. Wildlife Helpline toll-free at 866-318-2401. The call center is open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.