Soft Skill Development for Teens

— Written By Erin Dillon

Soft Skill Deveoopment

Do you know a teen who is preparing to enter the workforce? Are you a high school student looking to develop skills for your resume? Take a few minutes to listen in on this webinar for teens providing them with useful information for developing soft skills for the workplace.

During this session, teens will learn about soft skills, why they are important, and how to develop soft skills while in high school. Understanding the differences in hard skills and soft skills helps teens understand their value when preparing for college and applying for jobs. Studies have shown soft skill development to have a wide range of benefits for youth including violence prevention and job preparation. Teens and high school students can develop soft skills learning from mentors and personal life experiences. There are many 4-H programs that teach a variety of soft skills including AIRE, 4-H Presentations, and Health Rocks! Contact your 4-H Agent for more information about these programs!

We hope you enjoy this short webinar. Watch the recording!