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Culinary Herbs – Winter Tips


  • Pull warm season herb plants out of the garden after frost.
  • Continue to harvest perennial and cool season herbs.


  • Send in soil samples to determine if lime or nutrients need to be added to herb beds. Learn more about soil testing in NC.
  • Plan the herb garden: if starting plants from seeds, this is a good time to order seed packets, decide on whether to plant in pots or beds, and think about crop rotation for annual herbs.
  • Sow cool season seeds indoors in a cool, sunny and brightly lit area. Plants can be transplanted outside in March.


  • Sow warm season seeds indoors in a warm, sunny and brightly lit area. Plants usually take 6-8 weeks to grow to transplantable size. Do not transplant outside until after the last spring frost. This typically occurs around April 15.
  • Trim back lavender and rosemary plants back by 1/3 either at Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving. This keeps the plant healthy and prevents it from becoming leggy.

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