2020 NC 4-H State Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest

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Members of the Horsekateer 4-H Club Compete in the 2020 NC 4-H State Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest

Image fo participants

Front Row (L to R): Savannah Byrd, Maddie Loops, Marlena Heim, Alina Handel, Taylor Cloer (Coach) Back Row (L to R): Ruthy Voder-Brugge (Coach), Caitlin Gantt, Samantha Durham, Caleigh Gantt, Jadyn Clark, Mary Dickerson (Horsekateer 4-H Club Leader)

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, members of the Horsekateers 4-H Club competed in the 2020 North Carolina (NC) 4-H State Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest held at North Carolina State University (NCSU). For each contest, there were three divisions—junior, mixed, and senior. The Horse Bowl Contest is designed to offer youth interested in horses the opportunity to utilize their knowledge in a competitive and friendly environment. The Hippology Contest offers participants an opportunity to blend the knowledge and skills they have acquired through horse judging, bowl, demonstrations, public speaking, and showing into one activity.

The Hippology Contest featured thirty-three teams and 136 contestants. The Junior Hippology members were Alina Handel and Rookie Marlena Heim. The Senior Hippology Team members consisted of Caleigh Gantt, Maddie Loops, Samantha Durham, and Jadyn Clark. The senior team finished in the top 40%, placing 6th overall. Senior member, Maddie Loops, placed 10th high individual in exam, and senior member, Caleigh Gantt, placed 7th high individual in judging. In addition, Savannah Byrd participated as a Senior Individual.

The Horse Bowl Contest consisted of thirty-four teams. After a tiebreaking match, the Senior Horse Bowl Team finished in the top 20% as Reserve Champions. Members of the team included Caitlin Gantt, Maddie Loops, Savannah Byrd, and Samantha Durham. In addition, Caitlin finished second high individual, Maddie finished sixth high individual, and Samantha finished seventh high individual. All three have been invited to try out for the Regional/National NC team. The Mixed Horse Bowl Team, consisting of Caleigh Gantt, Jadyn Clark, Alina Handel, and Marlena Heim, was one of twelve teams to qualify for the State 4-H Horse Bowl out of twenty-five regional teams.

Chatham County 4-H is very proud of these Horsekateer 4-H Club members for their dedication, determination, and success! We look forward to seeing what other things they accomplish in 2020.

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