Spring Bulb and Plant Sale

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Spring Planted Bulb and Plant Sale

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In partnership with Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, the Master Gardener Volunteer (SM) program is holding a spring-planted summer-blooming bulb and plant sale to support N.C. Cooperative Extension’s sustainable gardening education programs in Chatham County. Participation is easy – Here’s how:

For the Chatham County Extension Master Gardener program to receive support from your order, please follow these steps:

  • Visit our spring bulb and plant sale page.
  • You will be directed to the Bloomin Bucks page that says, “Thank you for choosing to support Chatham County Hort. Prog. – NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc.”
  • You will be reminded that no other discounts apply. Click “Yes” and continue on to the BloominBucks site
  • Click on your desired collection. Look for bulbs or plants suitable for planting in Zone 7
  • If asked for a customer number at checkout, click “never received catalog”
  • At checkout, please make sure Chatham County Hort. Prog. – NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc. is shown under your total
  • Bulbs and plants will be shipped to your home in time for the spring planting season

When you follow these steps, 25% of the money you spend will support gardening outreach programs in Chatham County for schools, youth, seniors, gardeners and residents, such as classes and workshops, plant clinics and a demonstration garden that will be developed at the Chatham County Agriculture and Conference Center.

Chatham County Master Gardener volunteers recommend the following bulbs and plants for years of summer color in our area – all are available on the BloominBucks site:

Master Gardener volunteers recommend that you order bulbs by late March or early April for the best selection. In Chatham County, NC, it is best to plant most summer-blooming bulbs and plants after the danger of frost has passed, around April 15th and when soil temperatures reach 55-65 degrees.

Flowering Bulbs NC State Extension

Summer and Fall Flowering Bulbs for the Landscape NC State Extension

Summer and Fall-Flowering Bulbs Clemson Cooperative Extension

Asclepias tuberosa Clemson Cooperative Extension

Summer and Fall Flowering Bulbs for the Landscape NC State Extension

Bulbs for Spring Planting and Summer Bloom Extension Master Gardener℠volunteer, Mecklenburg County

Ammunition for the War on Moles and Voles Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteer, Lee County

Veronica spicata University of Illinois Extension

Thanks for your support and best wishes for a beautiful summer garden!

ABOUT North Carolina Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteers

Master Gardener volunteers support the mission of North Carolina Cooperative Extension by educating residents about safe, effective and sustainable gardening practices that grow healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities. Their vision is a healthier world through environmental stewardship.

For answers to your gardening questions, contact a Chatham County Master Gardener volunteer. There are several ways you can reach us:

If you would like more information about the Extension Master Gardener Program in Chatham County, please visit Chatham County Extension Master Gardener program